Other Services

Little Angels provide a multitude of services, each one tailored to individual needs. These services can be provided at all Contact Centres.


For any further information about these services or prices please contact Head Office and they will be able to help you.


Out of Centre Contact

This service is where the contact will not be taking place at our centres

We can accommodate the contacts in other venues i.e. home environment, out in the community, family centres, schools, rehabilitation units, prison, hospitals or any other place that is requested.

Transport Service

Little Angels also offer a transportation service separate from our normal supervised contact services, where this is included as standard (fee applies).

This service is used to transport children or parents from one location to another or to transport children or parents to an alternatively arranged supervised contact that we are not supervising. 

This service is also available to our private contacts, which can be used for supervised, supported or hand over contacts.

We can also provide transport for hospital appointments, assessments, meetings, school and any other travel requirements.

Respite for Young Carers

This service is to provide maximum support to young carers. We feel the role of a young carer can be very demanding and sometimes the young carer is not always recognised and this can sometimes lead to them feeling alone and isolated.

We are here to help the young carer in every which way we can, to enable them to feel supported and to live a normal life as much as possible. The services for the young carers are as follows:

  • Educational support
  • Sign posting to other services
  • Travel service
  • Young Carers group at our centres, incorporating phone a friend
  • Phone support
  • Outings i.e. days out together, alone or with other young carers
  • Outside activities .i.e. clubs, cinema, bowling etc…
  • Domestic support, this can include us preparing and cooking a meal
  • Assisting with appointments
  • Supporting the person who is cared for so the young carer can have free time
  • Being a Samaritan, listening and talking
  • Checking the welfare of the person who is cared for and the young carer

Come Together Programme

Our come together programme has been re-vamped so that it is accessible to all families that require an alternative dispute resolution.

The programme has been designed to help families resolve any issues they may find they have in regards to family or civil matters. It is no longer used purely for Child Contact but any other relevant case where Mediation would not be viable.

Although the programme will ultimately be undertaken by one of our trained Mediators it can also be undertaken by one of our trained members of staff.

There are now more benefits to this service. One of the benefits is it is a lot cheaper than Mediation therefore more affordable for people to use. The other benefit is it is not only for families that have not been involved with Domestic Abuse whereas Mediation is not able to Mediate under these circumstances. With the Come Together programme we are now able to consider these cases, however the meetings would not be considered in person but through either monitored emails where the emails would be sent to us first to be checked then if appropriate we would forward over to the other party. We will also use Skype as another option. These types of cases will remain under a comprehensive risk assessment and will only be offered if we felt the risk could be managed efficiently with no detriments to either side. There will also be no time frame on the amount of sessions, therefore the sessions can be for a one off or continuous sessions depending on what is required from the parties.

An initial referral will be taken and considered at the first stage. At this point we would collate all necessary information required and consider the outcomes from both sides. A risk assessment will be compiled and put in place for every referral. The programme will still encourage both parties to come to an agreement themselves and we would still not be placing our personal opinions on either side but we would be sign posting, recommending and suggestions made until a decision has been reached. There would also be an interim plan put in place until a final decision and agreement has been met.

The costs of the programme would  include notes of the meetings and a final agreement drawn up which will be given to both parties.

Early Intervention / Family Support

Little Angels will take a referral from the referrer who will request what work is to be carried out.

This could be going into the family home to support the child/ren and parents, reports on working with the families, money and budgeting, sign posting to other services, shopping trips, parenting help, educational support, transporting children to school, welfare checks and whatever is required. We believe that early intervention work is a vital service as this not only provides a resource for families that need support but can also help families stay together in the family unit.

We will work with all families to achieve the outcome that is needed.

All our staff are fully trained with on-going training and supervision and all have a wide experience of early intervention work.

Education Welfare Support

One of the ‘Every Child Matters’ aims is to enjoy and achieve. We believe that education comes under this statement. We can assist in this by supporting not only the children but the families and schools.

This service can help support children in their home environment to prepare for school day ahead.

 Not only can we transport the children to and from school, we can assist within the classroom arena by supporting the children on a one to one basis.

We can also support the children after school by assisting with homework or activities. This can be used as well if the carer/parent is not able to carry out these tasks or would just like a break.

If a child/ren becomes excluded from school then we are able to provide child care which can be provided in the home environment or at our centre and assist in any work that may be given to the child by the school. This will ensure that the child does not miss out on any of the curriculums.

School Travel Service

This service is to provide travel for children to and from school, nursery, pre-school, after school clubs and child care placements.

This can also be provided for carers and parents who would like to travel with the child/ren.

Welfare Checks

This service is for a welfare check in the home or where ever requested by the referrer. This is to ensure the welfare of parent/children and can be arranged by appointment or on a spot check basis.

We can carry out a substance misuse check, child protection assessment, neglect issues or any other welfare requests.

Respite for Foster Carers

Our friendly staff can offer a break for carers and young carers by coming to the family home to look after the child/ren. This could be whilst they go shopping, have a prior engagement that the child/ren cannot attend or just for a rest. We can also take the child/ren out on an activity or bring the child/ren to the centre for the use of our facilities.

If a child has been taken out of school for whatever reason we can also provide staff who will look after the child/ren in the home.

Contact in the Family Home

Our Supervisors can come to the family home to support and supervise during a contact. This means the resident parent can have contact in their own home with the peace of mind that a Supervisor is present or it can take place at the home of the person having contact. This must be agreed by both parties or in a court order and competitive travelling expenses will apply.

Childcare / Creche Workers

This service is for parents, foster carers and agencies who are attending mediation, solicitors meetings, court cases, case conferences, core group meetings, parenting assessments, or any other meeting regarding their children. We have friendly staff that can relieve this stress and occupy the children at the centre. We also have trained staff available to do childcare during group sessions at any venue you require during parenting courses.

Parenting Courses

We can provide a parenting course, either a long side contact, prior to contact or as a separate service if the family request it. We hold a meeting with the resident parent and discuss the issues they feel need covering. We then have a meeting with the person having contact and add anything they feel needs covering. We use this information to make a personal training session, if we feel further training is required on any aspects then another will be booked until we are satisfied.

Letterbox and Gift Service

We provide a pick up and drop off service for anyone that requires letterbox contact. There is a small fee for this service per gift, for information about this please contact Head Office at Haywards Heath. We can provide this service at the Haywards Heath Centre. 

Domestic Violence Support

This service is for families going through domestic violence or families who have previously experienced domestic violence.

We offer support for both parents and children as a group and/or one to one basis. We are there to provide guidance on emotional needs, housing issues, referring to other agencies or professionals, supervised contacts and child care.

We can act as a support aide for attending meetings or any other appointments and also provide a travel service if required.

Independence Support 16+

We can also implement support plans to help them achieve their goals, sign posting to other services, housing needs and benefits support and/or telephone support not just with their allocated worker but other available professional staff. We can act as a mentor and support with any meetings and appointments.

As well as the following services:

Supervised Contact

Supported Contact

Hand Over Contact

Parenting Course