Come Together Programme

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Come Together Programme

The come together programme is a confidential way of alternative dispute resolution. This involves an independent, impartial, qualified staff member that will help two or more individuals or groups to reach a solution that is acceptable to everyone.


Our staff can talk to both sides separately or together.


Our staff do not make judgements or determine the outcomes. Our staff ask questions that help uncover underlying problems, assist the parties to understand the issues and help them to clarify the options for resolving their differences or disputes.

We provide this programme for families and use this to resolve issues regarding contact between parents and children as well as other issues such as finances.

Our programme is proven to be beneficial financially. This programme is an alternative to court as gaining a resolution is considerably shorter and therefore more cost effective.


of the cost of going to Court - that's a 96% Saving!

In most cases Court is extremely costly, charges and Court fees run into the tens of thousands in most cases. Our programme  is a much cheaper alternative.

Success Rate - dependant on type of case.

We have a high success rate, this is due to every case having an individually tailored plan, dependant on the families issue or dispute. We offer  and our one on one service.

of the time of Court - that's 75% less time than Court!

Court is an extremely lengthy process, even if you are ready to resolve matters as soon as possible it can take months to get a first Court date and then there will be multiple hearings following that before a final hearing is even considered. The Court process on average takes around a year whereas our programme is a much quicker process and matters can be resolved between you without the need for multiple external professionals.